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Ep 111: “Where do you get a child’s size ankle-length leather jacket, by the way?” Kim and Scout from 9 O’Clock Bedtime Cosplay

June 10th, 2017

“Unicorn Farts is the Highest Compliment we can Give Chris Pratt.” Children truly are the future and in this episode, Scout McAndrew gives us some great wisdom. Shannon interviews her and her mom, Kim Henderson McAndrew, the dynamic duo that makes up 9 O’Clock Bedtime Cosplay. The interview is as much fun as you can have WITHOUT having a pillow fight. (We should have also just had a pillow fight. Why didn’t we?)


 Kim’s Raising a Hero Not a Villain Blog:

9 O’clock Bedtime Cosplay on Instagram

 Justin Davidson Photography (cosplay and other) 

Hero Within Men’s Clothing

Rainbow blush from sephora (not sure if this is the one that Kim and Scout bought but it’s just fun to have a link to Rainbow Blush)

PS This is the first time I edited an episode myself so please excuse the delay in publishing. It took so long for me to edit it that sadly, Roe Dameron the guinea pig is no longer with us. RIP, Roe.